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Welcome to CuteyBaby

My name is Ada Vaughan, and I'm so excited to be running this endeavor called CuteyBaby. I'm a mom, graphic designer, and marketing geek. CuteyBaby's mission is to enhance the lives of children and parents through ingenuity and design.

Our Story

CuteyBaby Founder, Ada Vaughan

CuteyBaby Founder, Ada Vaughan

What is CuteyBaby?
A new company that seeks to enhance the lives of children and parents through ingenuity and design.

Ada Vaughan founded CuteyBaby in early 2009 in response to her own desire to bring more fun design to her daughter’s environment. Ada’s experience in graphic and interior design, combined with a new baby in 2007, made her keenly interested in children’s and baby’s rooms. She wanted to come up with an affordable and fast way to bring bold graphic design to the nursery. CuteyBaby Wall Decals are the result! For parents who want to be creative, but hesitate to paint a mural due to its permanence, Wall Decals are ideal. CuteyBaby has original designs that bring a fun, graphic, and modern look to your child’s room. Plus – you can remove and reuse them without damaging your walls or furniture.

A fan of cloth diapers, Ada began sewing her own in 2008. In an effort to merge all of the functionality of the market’s top All-in-one (AIO) cloth diapers (like Bum Genius), but have more fun fabrics and design, CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diapers were born. With a special closure and fashionable look, CuteyBaby Diapers can be worn with just a T-shirt or under a dress and your baby looks “dressed”.

Stay tuned for more fun ways to experience CuteyBaby!