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Welcome to CuteyBaby

My name is Ada Vaughan, and I'm so excited to be running this endeavor called CuteyBaby. I'm a mom, graphic designer, and marketing geek. CuteyBaby's mission is to enhance the lives of children and parents through ingenuity and design.

New US Made Liner Rolls are here!

Great view driving to the airport near Charlotte, NC.

It’s hard to believe that CuteyBaby has been in business three years, and we just completed our first US manufacturing project. Until now, most of our products have been made in China so that we could offer the lowest possible prices to Moms. Many people use washable diapers to save money, and making products overseas allows us to offer low prices.

So I’m very pleased and proud to say that we have started making something here in the USA!!

The “Keep it Clean!” biodegradable liner rolls we are now shipping were made and packaged at factories in North Carolina. Those of you who already use our liners may notice the material has changed a little bit, but we see the poop-trapping capability is even better! We also have MUCH better flushability and biodgradability now.

Our costs have about doubled, but we are so pleased to be helping support the US economy and keeping some manufacturing business here. Thanks to all you moms who use CuteyBaby! Happy Independence Day next week!

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