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My name is Ada Vaughan, and I'm so excited to be running this endeavor called CuteyBaby. I'm a mom, graphic designer, and marketing geek. CuteyBaby's mission is to enhance the lives of children and parents through ingenuity and design.

Costco Product Demo

If you are wondering what we’re showing at Costco, here’s a video with our product demo for the CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diaper Starter Kit. Thanks to all the families who have purchased from us in Chicago and Minneapolis – we hope to be at a store near you soon!

CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diaper starter kit at Costco – it’s an amateur video, but you get the idea! :)

Please let us know if you are Costco members and would like us in a store near you – enter a comment or tweet @cuteybaby your home store!

84 comments to Costco Product Demo

  • Lisa S

    I would love for you to come to the Naperville store. I am expecting at the end of June and have really been considering cloth but have no clue what to even look for in a diaper. Thanks!

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks for the comment! I’ll let you know if we’re going to be there. Since you’re in Naperville, you should definitely go to Comfy Bummy on Washington. They can give you a great overview on cloth diapering and show you all the different kinds.

  • Ali M.

    Love the idea of the velcro board magnet on the dryer… however, I’d rather detach the velcro at the changing table prior to putting the diaper in the pail. The idea of sorting through to pull the velcro off a dirty diaper in a dirty pail is unappealing. Could you somehow make that accessory more changing table friendly?? Some food for thought :-)

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks for your feedback. Yes – I have had moms say that they attach the velcros at the changing table, then take them down to the laundry on the closure keeper for reattaching when the diapers come out of the dryer. Am thinking maybe in the next production run we should add a small hanging loop so you could put it on the wall near your changing area. Then it could hang or magnet. My brother suggested a little sticky-back metal plate that you could put on the wall anywhere. So that’s another idea. :)

  • Christine Hsin

    I’d love for you to come to the Denver area. I would be willing to help demo :)

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll keep you posted on any Denver possibilities!

  • I would love to see one at the new store locally (Roseburg, OR…opening soon!) or we also shop at the Eugene, OR store

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll pass it on – would love to come to the pacific northwest region!

  • Andrea

    I am a Costco member. I’ve never seen anything like this in a Costco store, and it would be wonderful. Good for you taking Cutey Baby to the next level!

  • I would love you to come to the Spokane area!! Love you dipes can’t wait to get some!!!

  • I would love you to come to the Spokane area!! Love your dipes can’t wait to get some!!!

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks for your comment – we will keep you posted!

  • We love our Costco! Any chance you’ll be coming to Tucson, AZ?

  • San Antonio!!

    I love *almost* everything about Cuteybaby except they don’t fit skinny babies! :(

    I did modify the one I have a bit by adding a crossover tab but still the tabs are so long!

  • cuteybaby

    We are working on extending our back elastic to make the waist smaller on our next production run. Thanks very much for your feedback and we will keep you posted about San Antonio!! Also – our wrap (which is sized s-m-l) could be a good option for long & lean babies. :)

  • Debbie

    I would love to see you in a Costco near us…we go to the Shelby Township, MI location, but any in the Metro Detroit area would be great! There aren’t many physical stores for CD around here, so I think it would be a hit!

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks for the suggestion! Will keep you posted!

  • the removable velcro idea is a genius! that’s one of my least favorite cloth diaper “things”, even with tabs to stick them against the velcro always sticks to something in the laundry! way to go!
    we’re near the maplewood, mn costco if you ever come back this way!

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks! On this rotation we are doing Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, and St. Louis Park. Will let you know if we come to Maplewood!

  • andrea


  • Iris

    Love the idea of removing the velcro! no more ruined covers in the wash :)
    We have two costco warehouses near us in Durham or Raleigh, NC. We would love to have cuteybaby diapers near us! there is a big CD community here in the area and they love to see new ideas :)

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks so much for the post – we will add Raleigh Durham to our wish list!

  • cuteybaby

    FYI: We will be in Maple Grove, MN starting Friday.

  • Cari

    I’d love to see them at either of our Costco’s-Kirkland or Woodinville Washington!

  • Jenny

    keep moving north!! – I’d love to see you at the Grafton, WI COSTCO

  • Jenny

    I have been looking for CD’s at my local Costco FOREVER! Please come to Merrillville, Indiana. I can’t believe I missed it when you were in the Chicago area :(

  • Francesca

    Any chance of making a trip to Westchester County, NY?

  • cuteybaby

    We are mostly in the Midwest right now, but will let you know!

  • Sabrina

    If you go to San Antonio, please consider making a side trip up to the two Costcos in Austin!

  • cuteybaby

    we would loooove to come to Austin – awesome town. :)

  • Jackie kaeppner

    I would love to see these in the cincinnati area!

  • dutchbabymama

    Love, love, LOVE our Cutey Baby’s we got at the Costco in Eden Prairie a few weeks ago! I had been using “old-fashioned” folded flannel diapers w/ pins, liners and pull-on pants—because I could not find an all-in-one that WORKED! (They either leaked too much,didn’t fit the baby correctly,were too putzy to put together and use, or they were a pain to wash and dry. Or all of the above!) Cutey Baby’s are so easy to use and wash/dry.Thanks for a great product!

  • cuteybaby

    So glad you like them! Thanks for the comment!

  • I’m a Costco member and would love to see you in Merrillville, IN!

  • Amy

    Oh… please come to our Southlake, TX Costco!

  • Julia

    You must come to the Birmingham, AL Store! For that matter any Costco in AL! I will make the drive!

  • cuteybaby

    Cool – we will keep you posted about new stores! Thanks for the posts Birmingham, AL and Southlake, TX – also helps to leave a comment card at your local store or mention to manager that you’d like to see CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diapers. We are working on getting more Costco events lined up now. Hope to see you soon!

  • Kim S

    I would love to see you at Costco in Omaha, NE!

  • Julie C

    I am Costco member in Denver and would love to see you visit Colorado. I will leave comment cards at 3 of the stores in my area. Hope to see you soon!

  • lori

    what is your schedule in the MN stores? I just got CuteyBaby diapers yesterday at a baby shower for my little 1-mo old son, and would like more but don’t know where to get them! We’re in MN and can go to any of the Costco stores here… we LOVE costco!

  • cuteybaby

    We just finished our run in Minneapolis at Costco. But you can find all of our products on – just search CuteyBaby and they’ll pop up. Thanks for your comment & glad you like our diapers!!

  • Christine

    I live in San Diego Calfornia and I would LOVE to buy these from the Costco by me (on Fenton Parkway)!!!

  • cuteybaby

    Twist my arm! Would love to come to San Diego. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Do you have any plans to go to any of the Plano Tx locations? That would be great if you could.

  • Jennifer

    I am devastated that I missed your Costco demonstration here in Minnesota. Will Costco be carrying the Starter Kit any time soon?

  • cuteybaby

    We are talking to Costco – will keep you posted!

  • Leonor

    Just discovered Cutey baby. Love the open channel interior design that keeps messes/leaks inside diaper. Are Cutey baby diapers in Chicago only for sale at the Lincoln Park Costco location? Will they be available at other costco locations? Is your diaper a one and done or do you still suggest using different inserts for over night? I’ve been wanting to cloth diaper but have been hesitant. Cutey baby could be the cloth diaper I’ve been looking for.

  • cuteybaby

    We have some more costco dates coming up in the summer in Chicago (area). We’ll be in Orland Park, Lake Zurich, Lake in the Hills, and Naperville – will post the dates soon, but starts July 9th.

    As for nighttime diapering, everyone is different. It depends on if your child is a heavy wetter (mine was). We have extra soaker pads available if you need to boost absorbency for night time. They are called “Super Duper Soaker” and can be found on Amazon.

    Thanks so much for your post!

  • Krista

    I would love to see you at a Costco in California. I am between the Turlock and Gilroy stores.

  • cuteybaby

    Thanks for the comment! We will keep you posted!