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Potty Stars now available!

Putting Potty Stars to good use!

Putting Potty Stars to good use!

After some testing and refinements, the new Potty Stars design is available for purchase. Here’s a pic of Zola’s Potty Stars in use on our bathroom door.

You can order the sheet personalized, or with the words “potty stars” at the top.

Check out the two designs available in CuteyBaby’s online catalog

Thanks for the awesome feedback below!!

1 comment to Potty Stars now available!

  • Chris

    Ahhhhh, SO GLAD these arrived!

    First, it’s a WONDERFUL and immediatly visual cue of positive feedback when she goes on the potty. She noticed it in the bathroom right away and asked promptly, “what’s this?” A few successes at the potty and she discovered the fun!

    Prior to this we gave her traditional stickers, but, we had to keep them out of sight UNTIL she went potty, AND she was stickering herself to death! Now she can see the chart every time she goes in the bathroom and enjoys picking out which color star she gets (also great for learning colors!)

    We have one chart upstairs and one downstairs. After a few attempts to get them in just the right spot (so NICE to be able to move them without worrying about taking off the paint!) we decided to put them on the wall near the sink. That way she gets a sticker after all the steps and she is “all done!”

    Love it!