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Welcome to CuteyBaby

My name is Ada Vaughan, and I'm so excited to be running this endeavor called CuteyBaby. I'm a mom, graphic designer, and marketing geek. CuteyBaby's mission is to enhance the lives of children and parents through ingenuity and design.

Final production pieces of “Go Bananas” are in!

Go Bananas! - size medium

Today I picked up the first production run of wall decals for CuteyBaby’s “Go Bananas” themed art. It’s really neat!

At left is a little pic of the sheet (on my floor) of the medium sized monkeys. I set them up so people can do their own configuration of branches, leaves, and bananas to create their own wall art or mural design.

The material is really looking good. I peeled and stuck it on Zola’s wall to see how it worked. It sticks very well, but comes off easily. I’m really happy with the performance.

So off I go to open my Amazon store and see what the rest of the world thinks about monkeys. Here’s hoping they Go Bananas.

Sorry – couldn’t resist that horrible joke! tee hee.

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