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Nous parlons Francais! Oui oui!

Poodles in Paris

Poodles in Paris

We speak French! (Acutally, I do speak French fairly well – just ask my Dad)

Leanne just completed these FABULOUS poodles with all of their accoutrements – dog beds, bowls, bling. So adorable for the little girls out there. There’s even an Eiffel Tower, of course! Mimi and Gigi have arrived, and they are ready to decorate your walls!

I think this set is particularly fun because I absolutely LOVE Paris. If you’ve ever been there, you know why there’s a stereotype of Parisians with their little dogs. They really do have a lot of little dogs in the city – and people bring them everywhere, like in the outdoor cafes and shopping. It’s soooo cute.

Parisian Poodles will be ready to order next week. But here’s a sneak peek at the design.

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