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Toddlers, cavemen, and inspiration

Cave Paintings in Lascaux, France

Cave Paintings in Lascaux, France

My little one (18-mos) is getting over a stuffy nose (as am I), and has been especially caveman/ woman-ish of late. I think the Karp book (Happiest Toddler on the Block) talks about this phase. Basically it’s all instinct, no reason, and these little people have a hair trigger!

Anyhoo – tonight before bed she made a last ditch effort to stay up with the request, “color?” “color?” and walked over to the table where we tape down sheets of paper for coloring with crayons. Natch, this is my weak spot. I said, “okay – color.” As each crayon was energetically scratched across the paper with glee, I thought, it’s so wonderful, so primal. This is the base inspiration to create – right here – right now.

So whether it’s cave paintings at Lascaux, the scribblings of a toddler, or colorful decals you stick on the wall – I see the attraction. We need this. We love it. I hope that my little business of creating decoration for the walls of kids’ rooms helps more people realize that wonderful feeling.

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